Agnes Nagygyörgy




Agnes Nagygyorgy was born in Budapest, Hungary on June 8th 1966.
Since 1994 she has lived and worked in Antwerp, Belgium.

She has been teaching sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aarschot since 2003.
Agnes did her University studies at the Attila Jozsef University in Hungary (1985-1990, Master of Arts) and in the US at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. (1990-1994, Master of Fine Arts).


Scholarships and awards:

-Scholarship to Italy, Udine '88, Sienna '89
-Presidential Scholarship in Hungary '89-'90
-International Cultural Service Program Award, UofO, OR '92
-Graduate Teaching Fellow Award, UofO, OR'92-'94
-PEO International Peace Scholarship, USA '91-'94
-Ina McClung Scholarship, UofO, OR '92
-David McCosh Memorial Scholarship for Fine Arts, UofO, OR '93
-Pennell Scholarship, UofO, OR '94
-Jan Zach Award for Sculpture, UofO, OR '94
-Scholarship of Pilchuck Glass School, WA '94






"A.T.C." Groupshow initiated by Barry Camps en Charlotte Lybeer, Salon Mommen, Brussels, Belgium 08/12/2016

"Bozar de l'Abbatoir" groupshow currated by Fred Michiels, Exit 11, Grand-Leez, Belgium 07-08/2016

"Your Absence Was Noted" groupshow curated by Gaston Meskens, Antwerp Tower, Antwerp, Belgium 08/2016

"Any Place is a WorkPlace" groupshow, SEA Foundation, Tilburg, NL 04/2016



'Bozar de l'Abbatoir' groupshow curated by Fred Michiels Sambreville, Belgium 12/2015

Boekpresentatie en performance with Maud Vanhauwaert Light Cube Gallery, Ronse, Belgium 16/04/2015

'Trajecten' in opdracht van Tourisme Vlaanderen, a permanent installation,Culturele Jeugd Site, Lier, Belgium

-Where the Road Leads- , Solo exhibition Light Cube Art Gallery, Ronse, Belgium 22/03/2015-26/04/2015

'Work(Place) in Progress' WorkPace, Antwerp, Belgium 25/01/2015-01/03/2015


'Art event TRAFFIC no1. Spoor 9'Antwerp, Belgium 11/04/2014-11/05/2014

'Skins', curator of the exhibition, WorkPlace, Antwerp, Belgium, 04/2014

'Inside of an Outside', curator of the exhibition, WorkPlace, Antwerp, Belgium, 06/2014

'Everything but Simple"' D-ART.Mechelen, group show, Mechelen, Belgium, 06/2014

'Crossing Lines Again /3', curator of the exhibition, WorkPlace, Antwerp, Belgium 09/2014


'B-ART' represented by Light Cube Gallery, Ronse, Flanders Expo 29/11/2013-03/12/2013

'Nature Unfinished' groupshow, WorkPlace Experimental Art Space 10/11/2013-22/12/2013

'Urban Landscape' group show, WorkPlace Antwerp, Belgium 2013

'WorkPlace in Red Fish Factory' groupshow Red Fish Factory 06/2013



"Con-Textures" group show Light Cube Gallery Ronse, Belgium 2012

WorkPlace Experimental Art Space opening show of members, Antwerp, Belgium 2012

'Transparent Darkness' curator of the exhibition, Workplace Antwerp, Belgium 2012

Publication of '10 Images', limited edition photobook, Antwerp, Belgium 2012

'RejectamentaL' duo exhibit with Lode Laperre, Light Cube Gallery, Ronse, Belgium 2012

'Crossing Lines'  contemporary drawing, WorkPlace Antwerp, Belgium 2012



“kunst!Park”- an Outdoor Exhibition, group show, Antwerp, Belgium 2011

Cultural Center 'CC Gasthuis' two-persons show, Aarschot, Belgium 2011

"Ver-bindingen", solo exhibition, Ruimte Remmelink, Delft, Holland 2011

"Bienale of Contemporary Art" Castle of Poeke, Belgium 2011

"De boshut" installation in UZ Hospital, Leuven, Belgium 2011

"Museumnight" installation and video, Ruimte Remmelink, Delft, Holland  2011



ARTRA, Kalmthout, Belgium 2010
Ruimte Remmelink, solo exhibition Delft, Holland 2010
Factory Art Gallery two-persons show Antwerpen, Belgium 2010
Ruimte Remmelink, drawing show, group show Delft, Holland 2010
“The Weight of Love”, solo exhibition, Eye for Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan 2010



“1huis3weekends10kunstenaars”, group show, Antwerpen, Belgium ʼ09
“Kunstroute Bierbeek”,Bierbeek, Belgium ʻ09
“Atelier tentoonstelling” Leuven, Belgium ʼ09
“El dia de los muertes” group show, Antwerpen, Belgium ʼ09



"The Graduate Show" LaVerne Krause gallery, Eugene OR. USA '92,'93,'94

"Group Show" Workplace Gallery, Portland, OR. USA '93
"Home", Installation , solo exhibition, Eric Washburne Gallery, Eugene, OR. USA '93
"5pm", Installation, Wilkenson House, Eugene, OR. USA '93
"Sculptures", two-persons show, LaVerne Krause Gallery, Eugene, OR. USA '93
"Master of Fine Arts Show", Museum of Fine Arts, Eugene, OR. USA '94
"Glass Show", group show, Pilchuck Glass School, WA. USA '94
"Ceramics Show", group show, Atelier Cirkel, Brasschaat '97
"International Ceramics Show", Atelier Cirkel, Brasschaat '97
"Group Show", "Vleeshuis", Lier '99
Gallery MAS, two-person show,Kalmthout 2000
De Kopermolen, two-persons show, Vaals, Nederland 2000
CC Gasthuis, group show, Aarschot, '07
ARTRA, Kalmthout, Belgium ʼ08
ARTRA , Kalmthout, Belgium ʼ08